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Despite the tendency to keep porn a secret, it is one of the most popular things that people all over the world are interested in. That’s why there are many online surveys determining what kind of porn the majority prefer and how much time is spent on each category. These surveys are mainly conducted by Pornhub, one of the leading porn sites, and based on the results, the mature category is among the most popular ones, getting people off fastest.

Mature Porn

Mature porn is presented by porn actors and actresses who have passed the age of young adults. They can be 30, 40, 50, and even 60 year old, and there are thousands of videos with each age group. It’s difficult to give a clear answer as to why this category, in particular, is so popular. For example, some people prefer mature porn because it feels more real to them — being adults themselves, they’re surrounded by people of older ages.   

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