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Kendra Lust is an American porn actress who has gained massive popularity in the specific MILF genre for her mature sex videos. Apart from being a talented and famous porn actress, she is gaining fame as the head of her own studio specializing in films for adults. Learn some facts about her life and professional career which she is the most famous for.

Kendra Lust has begun her career performing in the strip club Detroit. Being a college student, Lust needed money to pay for her studies. In a few years, Kendra received a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and has been working in the specialty for seven years. What’s more, Kendra worked as a web model before she started shooting in films for adults.

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Everyone watches porn, but far from everyone talks openly about it. The army of porn fans and those who watch porn every day is growing constantly. Thus, the industry is going up, just like traditional cinematography. Hence, in the USA, the AVN Awards – so-called “Porn Oscars” – have been recently given to those reaching the best achievements in this movie genre. In this rating, you will see the best and hottest gilf pornstars who have gained massive success in 2018.

What’s Happening in the Porn Industry in 2018?

The popularity of porn actors is believed to be fleeting; some of the actors in adult films may gain popularity in a day and disappear from screens in one year. Unlike actors of traditional movies, there is no formula for success in the porn industry. The three hot gilf stars have not just gained a short flash of popularity in the porn business but well established in the niche. They have been known for quite a long time, primarily due to their enormous endurance in recent years and real talent.

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