Kendra Lust is an American porn actress who has gained massive popularity in the specific MILF genre for her mature sex videos. Apart from being a talented and famous porn actress, she is gaining fame as the head of her own studio specializing in films for adults. Learn some facts about her life and professional career which she is the most famous for.

Kendra Lust has begun her career performing in the strip club Detroit. Being a college student, Lust needed money to pay for her studies. In a few years, Kendra received a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and has been working in the specialty for seven years. What’s more, Kendra worked as a web model before she started shooting in films for adults.

Kendra & Porn Industry

Kendra’s “arrival” in the porn industry dates back to 2012. At the age of 33, she just made her debut in the category of mature sex videos. Three years later, the porn actress managed to play in a hundreds of films, which says a lot about her working capacity. Kendra Lust worked in partnership with large and popular studios. Producers and directors predicted Lust success. This is what has actually happened.

Kendra Last received the first nomination for the prestigious award in 2013 already. The actress was nominated for the award in the nomination “MILF Performer of the Year.” A year later, Kendra Lust was again nominated for the same award in the same nomination. On top of that, she was also nominated for two AVN Awards in the same year. As a reason for receiving the award was a movie called “The Madison’s Mad Mad Circus.”

Professional Success

There are many successes Kendra has in her arsenal:

  • XBIZ Award in the MILF Performer of the Year nomination;
  • contract for filming with the studio ArchAngel Productions;
  • contract with Zero Tolerance Entertainment;
  • Society 15 agency creation;
  • “1st Anal Lust” film.

The year of 2015 was marked as the first professional victory for the porn actress. Kendra Lust finally received the XBIZ Award in the MILF Performer of the Year nomination. Besides, the porn actress was nominated for the AVN Award for the third time. In the spring of 2015, Kendra was lucky to sign a major contract for filming with the studio ArchAngel Productions. In the summer of 2015, Zero Tolerance Entertainment offered the porn actress a contract to create toys that were made from a unique sketch of the porn actress’s body.

In addition to her own shooting, Kendra Lust engaged in agency activities. In 2015, the porn actress organized the Society 15 agency. In addition, Kendra became the owner of her own production company called Lust Army Productions. In the spring of 2016, the porn actress studio released the first film  “1st Anal Lust,” which was a real success.