Nina Hartley is one of the most famous and brilliant actresses and a mature pornstar in the porn industry. She is well-known all over the world, not only in her motherland – the USA. This charming blonde has been working in a porn business for more than 30 years; in 2015, her track record of videos for 18+ included 1049 films.

Nina is known to be:

  • a talented porn actress;
  • a brilliant director of porn movies;
  • an actress of subject films.

It is known that the girl has graduated from the professional nursing elective at the University of California in San Francisco. Hartman was a zealous student, so she was able to graduate with honors. Thus, the blonde had the license of the nurse in 26. Perhaps Nina Hartley could save the lives of people by providing first aid to victims of injuries or serious illnesses, but she has chosen a different path. Nevertheless, Nina still acted the role of a nurse in films for adults.

It can be assumed that Hartley went to the sex industry not because of a forced financial situation, but at her own request. The girl started to think about the hot content for adults when she has just turned 17. At that time, she first saw a porn movie, and since then, she had a thought (which she had been bearing for eight years) to act in movies for adults.

How Is It to Become a Porn Actress?

Hartley also admitted in an interview that she often turned over the pages of erotic magazines. Although the sexual revolution began in the 1960s (thanks to which the piquant topic went beyond the taboo), videotapes with adult content could be ordered from a magazine or found in a special shop. Therefore, the forbidden fruit of the porn industry has only inflamed the interest of a young blonde.

Although this mature pornstar is already well past fifty, she still continues to delight fans of porn videos with her charming performances. Nina Hartley began filming back in 1984. Since then, she managed not only to establish herself as a talented porn actress but also to become a real legend in the world of erotica. The blond showed her talents in more than a thousand films, managed to work quite a lot as a director on the set, and, most importantly, continues to delight fans of porn cinema.

According to the blonde, she regularly receives letters from grateful fans of her porn movies. Apart from just working as an actress, Hartley also acted as a director: in 1992, Marie shot the erotic film “The Book of Love” (in  2015, the actress created 18 porn films). Bubble Bath (Nina’s nickname in the industry) works in any genre, but she most often acts in hardcore or BDSM films. In 2005, she received a special prize for the sadomasochistic scene in the film “Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions 13”.

Besides, Nina often appeared in subject films; for example, she participated in the “Addams Family,” a parody for adults. When Nina’s age break through 50, the woman did not quit her beloved profession but began acting in milf to the delight of fans.