Despite the tendency to keep porn a secret, it is one of the most popular things that people all over the world are interested in. That’s why there are many online surveys determining what kind of porn the majority prefer and how much time is spent on each category. These surveys are mainly conducted by Pornhub, one of the leading porn sites, and based on the results, the mature category is among the most popular ones, getting people off fastest.

Mature Porn

Mature porn is presented by porn actors and actresses who have passed the age of young adults. They can be 30, 40, 50, and even 60 year old, and there are thousands of videos with each age group. It’s difficult to give a clear answer as to why this category, in particular, is so popular. For example, some people prefer mature porn because it feels more real to them — being adults themselves, they’re surrounded by people of older ages.   

In fact, some men and women stated explicitly that when they have a crush on their adult colleague or a friend, they love looking for porn with actors who bear physical resemblance to them. It helps them lose themselves in a fantasy that might become the reality one day. There is also the fact that people over 25 form the biggest part of porn audience. Many of them are simply not attracted to younger individuals.

Finally, there is a technical side of the issue. Mature porn usually involves experienced people who know plenty of pleasurable techniques. In other categories, such as those featuring younger groups, there is frequently an element of inexperience, whether deliberate or not. Viewers who search for such porn mostly expect to see awkwardness as this is what they enjoy, but naturally, there are fewer of them, which explains the popularity of mature porn.

Mature Porn Subcategories

So, what are the most popular subcategories of mature porn? Again, no clear answer exists as preferences vary depending on a country, sex, sexuality, and age. However, there are four groups that can be regarded as most sought after.

  • Anal sex;
  • Rape fantasy;
  • Grannies;
  • Hand-jobs.

Among these groups, the last one is probably the most surprising one. It’s very popular among women, though, maybe because it’s a calmer and more equal sexual interaction, with the lack of sexual aggression and violence often depicted in porn that many women feel uncomfortable with. Sex with much older women has always fascinated men and based on the results, it still gets many of them off. Rape fantasies and anal sex remain popular both among men and women.

Based on such results, it can be said that mature porn definitely gets many people off fastest because it’s associated with experience and provides the audience with a more real feel. Such subcategories as anal sex, rape fantasy, grannies, and hand-jobs are also most popular as people seek them out most often and watch them for a shortest period of time, meaning that they get off fast. So what’s your preference?